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zflag.gifus-flagLusaka, Zambia – Zambian President Rupiah Banda Monday sent a congratulatory message to the president-elect of the US, Barack Obama, on his election.

“I have keenly followed your election campaign and consequently your electoral victory.

“The massive endorsement you have received from the American people has been well received in the rest of the world. As the fourth President of the Republic of Zambia elected on 30th October 2008, I heartily welcome your election as the 44th

President of the US on the occasion of the 44th Anniversary of Zambia’s Independence,” President Banda said in his message here.

“You are a breath of fresh air in the American political landscape and therefore, the rest of the world awaits your positive impact on humanity.”Banda said Zambia was not expecting miracles from Obama but that the country was confident that he would make a significant credible difference to humanity.

“Mr. President, we are ecstatic about your victory not because we expect alms of freebees from your presidency, but because we trust that you are an agent of change for the better of the human race.

“We therefore eagerly await to work with you and to partner with you as we seek common grounds in solving the myriad of problems faced by humanity today and in future.”

Banda wished Obama and his family God’s guidance as he assumes the responsibility of steering US to more prosperity.
Lusaka – 10/11/2008