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APA-Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) Tanzania and Zambia Railway (Tazara) line is urgently in need of an estimated 25 million dollars in order to standardized its operations, sources said here Sunday.

TAZARA acting managing director Henry Chipewo told APA that the amoung would help Tazara to purchase new wagons, locomotives and spare parts to rehabilitate the outdated equipments.

“We need about five new locomotives, brand new wagons and rehabilitate the existing ones. All these arrangements require a total of $25 million,” he said during an interview.

He said the money can be sourced from within Tazara’s own operations and sources.

“So far, we have managed to pay all the salaries,” he said. His motive was to see Tazara raising its annual turnover by at least threefold from the current 36 million dollars.

Tazara’s performance started deteriorating during the last decade, with traffic volumes sharply falling from 1.2 million tonnes a year to about half of that.
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