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Opposition UPND Members of Parliament say escalating mealie meal prices in the country cannot be solved by protests or demonstrations.


The MPs say it will be unwise for political parties to take to the streets when government can still be engaged on the matter.


They UPND MPs were speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka on Monday.


Kalomo Central MP, Request Muntanga, said there are still avenues in which government can be engaged to come up with a lasting solution.


Monze Central MP, Jack Mwiimbu, said people should only demonstrate when there is failure to reason.


Mr. Mwiimbu said it is not right to demonstrate when various stakeholders have not been engaged to come up with a common solution over escalating mealie meal prices.


And Siavonga MP, Douglas Syakalima, appealed to politicians not to get political mileage over the new salaries for the President, ministers and constitutional office bearers.


Mr. Syakalima said it was justified for the MP’s to vote for the bill because it was amended by President, Rupiah Banda.


Meanwhile, President Rupiah Banda has commended India for the support it rendered to Zambia during the struggle for independence.


Mr. Banda says Zambia will remain grateful for the material and moral support that the people of India provided to Zambia.


The President says many of Zambia’s founding fathers learnt a lot from the teachings of Mahatima Ghandhi on peaceful resistance to foreign domination.


Mr. Banda says the values of peaceful resistance have remained inculcated in the minds of many Zambians.


The President was speaking at State House on Monday after receiving credentials from the new Indian High Commissioner to Zambia, Ashok Kumar.


Mr. Banda also said he is happy to note that bilaterial relations between Zambia and India have continued to grow.


And Mr. Kumar said he will do his best to strengthen the already warm relations between Zambia and India.