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 LUSAKA, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) — Zambian President Rupiah Banda has commended the church for playing an important role in maintaining peace in the country, Zambia Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

    Banda said at the Cathedral corporate partnership ball to raise funds for the refurbishment of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross that Zambia is a unique country because it has never experienced any war, according to the newspaper.

    “When I was coming back from Nigeria (on Thursday), I was looking at the map in the plane of the so many countries we passed through. I was talking to colleagues on the plane that Zambia is a fortunate country because most countries we passed thorough had experienced either war or lack of peace,” he said.

    Banda commended the Anglican Church for inviting Bishops from other countries to be part of the noble project to raise money to refurbish the cathedral.

    He urged the Anglican Church to open an account where well wishers could be depositing funds for the refurbishment of the cathedral on an annual basis.

    Banda said he is confident that the government and the corporate world would support the refurbishment of the cathedral because most of the problems the country has faced have ended up being solved in the church.

    He said the cathedral is dear to many Zambians and pledged to help with raising funds to quickly refurbish the church.

    Earlier, Bank of Zambia (BoZ) Governor Caleb Fundanga said the resources BoZ was trying to save would be given towards stemming the financial crisis.

    He said the Zambian economy has continued to face numerous challenges because of the global financial turmoil.

    “Under these circumstances, the government and our citizens will look to the church to assist in ameliorating the economic hardships of our people,” he added.

Editor: Wang Hongjiang