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By Zamchro Reporter,


The Millers Association of Zambia has threatened to black list traders who are charging exorbitant mealie meal prices. MAZ chairperson, Caleb Mulenga, says his organization is selling mealie meal at 40 to 44 thousand kwacha for a 25 kilogram’s bag of roller meal.


A 25 kilogram bag of breakfast meal is selling at 50 and 52 thousand kwacha. Mr. Mulenga said in a statement that traders are recommended to add not more than five thousand kwacha per bag within the radius of 5 kilometers from the mill.


He urged consumers to purchase mealie meal from recognized outlets and MAZ registered outlets to avoid being exploited. Some retail outlets have been selling mealie meal at as high as 60 and 75 thousand kwacha for roller meal and breakfast mealie meal.


Meanwhile, Senior Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda people of Luapula province has denied supporting the planned country wide demonstrations over the rising cost of mealie meal.


The traditional leader says media reports suggesting that he was in support of the protests planned by the Patriotic Front were malicious. Mwata Kazembe who was speaking through his representative Chief Kashiba denied having given such a statement to any reporter.


He said it is unfortunate that some media institutions are publishing false stories to advance their interests. The Mwata says although he is also concerned about the rising cost of mealie meal he should not be drawn into the matter as it was now politically motivated.


Several institutions including the ZCTU, Zambia Centre for Inter- Party Dialogue and some Churches have also spoken against the demonstrations and instead called for dialogue.


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