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By Zamchro Reporter,

Government has agreed to supply maize to Copperbelt millers to enable them sell mealie meal at a reduced price. Agriculture minister, Brian Chituwo, says government received a request from millers to buy maize from the Food Reserve Agency-FRA.


Dr. Chituwo disclosed that government agreed to sell maize to millers after a meeting last Friday. He assured the millers on the Copperbelt that they will receive the maize as soon as possible.


He further revealed that he has received information indicating that some millers were hoarding maize stocks. Hoarding essential commodities is against the law in Zambia and thus his appealed to all stakeholders dealing in maize to ensure that they cooperate with government so there is sufficiency on the market.


Meanwhile government has disclosed that the cholera epidemic in the country has been contained. Health deputy minister, Mwendoi Akakandwelwa, said that the situation is under control with only a few cases remaining in Lusaka.


Mr. Akakandelwa said all the cholera patients in Luapula, Southern and Northern provinces have been discharged from centers after receiving treatment. He further mentioned that some of the cholera treatment centers that had been set up in Luapula and Northern Provinces have since been closed.


The deputy minister revealed that Lusaka has 19 cholera cases with the majority being admitted to Kanyama Health Centre. Mr. Akakandelwa said more than one hundred cholera patients have been treated in the past two months.


Only nine people have died from cholera in Zambia so far since it broke out in September this year.


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