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Zambia is a Frontier country for investors, says IMF…

IMF, F&D Magazine

IMF, F&D Magazine

In September 2008 the IMF published an article in their Finance & Development magazine called ‘The Rise of Africa’s “Frontier” Markets’ by David Nellor.

He observes that a number of sub-Saharan countries are beginning to attract investors to their financial markets. And Zambia is one of them! The others are Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. Read the article in full.

Nellor explains further that the same crucial developments that heralded the arrival of institutional financial investors in emerging markets in the 1980s are taking place in parts of sub-Saharan Africa today — growth is taking off, the private sector is the key driver of that growth, and financial markets are opening up.

Exciting times for Zambia – a country that has long waited for this kind of break! Its entrepreneurs surely deserves it.

Who is Bob Parsons?
– and what has he got to do with Zambia?
Good questions that deserve good answers!

CEO and founder of GoDaddy

CEO and founder of GoDaddy

Bob Parsons is the CEO and founder of GoDaddy, a US company that has been the world’s largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrar since 2005 (ICANN is responsible for managing the assignment of domain names and IP addresses). The Best of Zambia online directory is hosted by GoDaddy – because it’s fast and efficient and we only want to use the very best for the Best of Zambia.

A few weeks ago Bob went on vacation – and where did he go? Zambia of course. He had a great time –

Justina wins Award

Founder of Positive Runway, a global HIV/AIDS response campaign. She also founded the Miss Zambia UK Beauty Pageant in 1998

Founder of Positive Runway, a global HIV/AIDS response campaign. She also founded the Miss Zambia UK Beauty Pageant in 1998

On Nov 10 2008 at London’s Excel Exhibition Centre, Justina Mutale of Zambia won a prestigious GAB award for her Community Development work.
Amongst other things, Justina Mutale is the founder of Positive Runway, a global HIV/AIDS response campaign. She also founded the Miss Zambia UK Beauty Pageant in 1998 – based on the principles of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.

Stuff Your Rucksack…

Kate Humble is a presenter of some of UK TV’s best-loved wildlife and science programmes, including Springwatch. She recently helped set up and they are encouraging tourists to take things like pencils to Kawaza School near Mfuwe.




Issue 2 Dec 08

Wishing all our readers a blessed Christmas season and 2009

From the Best of Zambia team

Off the Beaten Track

Some parts of Zambia, previously inaccessible to tourists, are now opening up and are well worth a visit.  The picture above is of beautiful Lake Bangweulu. For accommodation, there’s Shoebill Island Camp – the only camp in the remote and rarely visited Bangweulu Swamps. It offers simple accommodation in safari tents under thatched roofs.

And if you’re a tourist anxious to experience the real Africa, a trip to the Liuwa Plains National Park in Western Province is a must. It’s very remote but there are now designated campsites that you get allocated when you book – 5 camping areas per community campsite – these share 2 flush toilets and 2 cold water showers plus handbasins.  The water available is quite brackish so needs to be boiled thoroughly.

Food Shortage in 2009?

I don’t wish to be a scare-mongerer, but I am slightly alarmed to hear that Isaac Phiri, Zambia’s permanent secretary for agriculture, has recently confirmed the possibility of shortages. He said, “As a pre-emptive measure we are importing 100,000 metric tonnes of maize [from Latin America, as Zambia only buys non-GMO maize]. National maize supplies may be depleted before the 2009 harvest and maize imports may be required to avoid rationing of government stocks” Zambia consumes 60,000 mt every month.

But on a more positive note, Mr Phiri explained that “We estimate that private traders have hoarded at least 100,000 mt of maize – so the country will have 200,000 mt which should hopefully see us through the three months until the early March harvest.”

Prestigious ACCA Award

Zambia’s Auditor General has won the prestigious 2008 ACCA Achievement Award, which recognise individuals who have made a contribution to the development of the global accountancy profession.

Ms Chifungula dedicated the award to her office in order to boost morale for all employees to work harder.
A laptop per child…

Nicholas Negroponte, the founder and Chairman of the One Laptop Per Child project, had a vision of a computer as a key tool for accelerating learning and technology adoption.

But in general, for developing nations, 1:1 computing is unrealistic. Schools want to maximize their students access to a computer, and the primary way to do that is through a shared computer lab with desktops, which typically are lower cost than laptops, break down less, and less likely to be stolen.

At $50-$70/user vs. the $300-$400/user cost of a netbook, you can stretch your education IT budget significantly to cover more students.


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