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Second Republican President Frederick Chiluba Wednesday wept in court as he testified in a case where he is charged with plunder of national resources.

Dr. Chiluba lamented that members of his family no longer walk with their heads held high because of the theft allegations levelled against him.

He also said he was saddened that he has been subjected to ridicule and derogatory editorial comments in the Post Newspaper.

Dr. Chiluba said he was denied natural justice when parliament endorsed that his immunity be lifted, without being summoned to exculpate himself.

He however said parliament was careful as it only removed his immunity with regards to the offences he committed in his personal capacity.

Dr. Chiluba also told the court that he felt betrayed that late president Levy Mwanawasa the man he helped to ascend to power levelled false allegations against him.

He denied having stolen $47 million which was raised from the Luanshya Copper mine.

Dr. Chiluba testified that of the figure $35 million was in the safe custody of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mine (ZCCM) while $12 million went to the receivers Grant Thornton.

The former president is jointly charged with former directors of the Defunct Access Financial Service Aaron Chungu and Faustin Kabwe.

Source: ZNBC