The Best of Zambia Newsletter
Issue 3 Jan 09


New Lusaka Office for the Best of Zambia

We are happy to announce that our new office is open at 202 Alick Nkhata Road, Kabulonga, Lusaka. All enterprises interested in promotion through our online directory are most welcome to drop by. We believe that we will be better able to serve our clients by having this local contact point.

Daily Telegraph UK features Zambia safari spots

Lisa Grainger of UK’s Daily Telegraph recently experienced the thrill of the wild as she went in search of Zambia’s best new safari camps. She says that what is so thrilling about Zambia for the safari-lover is that it really is wild! About 30 per cent of the country is made up of national parks and, of those 19 parks, very few are visited. And as you would expect for a country so vast (about 290,000 square miles, or an area the size of France, Austria and Switzerland combined), it is also extremely varied.
She especially recommends
1. Chongwe River Camp (Lower Zambezi National Park) (shown above)

2. Royal Zambezi Lodge (Lower Zambezi National Park)

3. Shumba Camp (Kafue National Park)

Congratulations to these three safari gems!
Rural Zambia marginalised – the whole world knows about Obama, right?

I’ve been in Zambia since 1 Jan helping to set up our new office in Lusaka. We spend most weekends at our farm in Luansobe (between Mpongwe, Kapiri and Luanshya). Last weekend I took a picture of Barack Obama, new US president. The whole world knows all about Obama, right? At least the whole of Africa would know surely? Well I asked basically everyone I came in touch with if they knew this man, holding up the picture of Obama.
90% of people did not know who he was. (Those that do know him read newspapers or watch television….) A colleague is continuing the survey this week. But the writing is on the wall – rural Zambia is marginalised as far as current affairs are concerned. I really hope the new Zambian Watchdog can soon realise its dream of bringing news to rural areas through local radio stations…..

Julia Rosamund Brown 

Emigration from Fantasy Island
Think of it. Banks, insurance companies, hedge funds etc etc have vacuumed up perhaps 90% of the world’s monetary resources. Their own irresponsibility has led to the total destruction of … money … – it’s back to basics friends.
As to the relevance of these great doings, to Africa in general and Zambia is particular, I can only believe it will better our position. After all, volatility of markets has not concerned the average man. Belt tightening is one of our national sports (another is shooting oneself in the foot).
Now that the great electronics companies are having difficulty in persuading those of the first world to buy perhaps their fourth DVD player, it seems to me they will look for alternative markets & there are plenty of people in Africa capable of mustering a few resources if they are offered a good product (clean water, solar power, effective drugs…). So it’s back to basics & emigration from Fantasy Island…
Sonia Doras, Zambia
Zambia’s Governance Score

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation recently released the inaugural Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which rates the quality of governance on the continent and aims to hold leaders to account. Mo Ibrahim is a highly respected African entrepreneur and philanthropist. Zambia ranked 21 out of the 48 countries considered, with a score of 58.3. The five over-arching categories which together make up the cornerstones of a government’s obligations to its citizens are Safety and Security; Rule of Law, Transparency and Corruption; Participation and Human Rights; Sustainable Economic Opportunity; and Human Development. For more inforamtion check the site  

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