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Sunday Chongo Kabange,


Africa News reporter in Lusaka,


A ray of fresh hope has shined on Zimbabweans living in Zambia following the swearing-in of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister at a ceremony held on Wednesday in the Zimbabwean capital.Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have jumped their country to neighboring countries such as Zambia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique because of Zimbabwe’s continued economic and political instability.


Some Zimbabweans living in Zambia have cheered the swearing-in of Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister.


The Zimbabweans who are mostly engaged in smallholder businesses are hoping that the recently brokered “unity government” would bring to an end the stand off a wave of violence that has left millions in the Diaspora.


Group Representative Itayi Gwaba Takayendetsa said, “a new chapter has opened on Zimbabwe and am looking forward to go back home after all these years of suffering.”


The group that was chatting with joy and jubilation in the Zambian capital Lusaka said they left Zimbabwe in search of safety and improved standard of living.


Tsvangirai was sworn-in on Wednesday alongside Arthur Mutambara, leader of the split MDC and ushered into a “unity government” facilitated by SADC.


Several international financiers including the United States and European Union have intimated that they might consider lifting sanctions on Harare once the conditions of the power-sharing deal are met.