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Jennifer DeSimone



WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 12, 2009 – The United States African Development Foundation (USADF) signed its first grant of 2009 for economic development in Zambia. The new USADF grantee, Mpima Dairy Producers Cooperative Society (MDPCS), is a small-scale milk production cooperative in the Central Province of Zambia.


USADF President Lloyd Pierson stated, “USADF is committed to funding grants at the grassroots level to benefit under-served and marginalized people. This is the first of many grants the Agency will sign this year designed to help alleviate poverty in Africa.”


Owned by 34 producer members, seven of whom are women, the Cooperative will use the $46,504 grant to take the necessary steps towards effective financial and business management and allow it to compete in the milk market in the Central Province and throughout Zambia.  With USADF support, MDPCS will be prepared for expansion and growth opportunities through strategies to explore new dairy-based product lines, market opportunities in Central Province, market penetration, and overall business expansion. These activities will create more jobs and a higher quality of life for members.


USADF began programming in Zambia in 1984. The current portfolio includes 12 projects totaling $1.4 million. For more information about the portfolio, please visit the country’s quick source page at Quick Source Country Portfolio Page-Zambia.htm.



The United States African Development Foundation (USADF) is a United States Government agency dedicated to expanding access to economic opportunity in Africa. Currently USADF operates in 20 African nations.  Over the past 25 years, USADF has funded nearly 1,500 projects representing in excess of $150 million in support of African enterprises and local African communities.  For more information on USADF, its programs and application guidelines, visit