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By ZamChro Correspondent, 

Lusaka (Zambia) Zambian Vice President George Kunda has denied any vpwrong doing on the part of government in the process of partially selling off the giant state owned telecommunications company known as ZAMTEL.


Explaining the government position to the controversial sale of ZAMTEL after weeks of a heated public debate, Kunda said there was no wrongdoing on the part of government.


He said cabinet had authorized the minister of transport and communication, Dora Siliya, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Cayman Island based consultancy firm to carry out an evaluation of the company.


Siliya has been roundly condemned by various groups for signing the MOU in which the Zambian government will pay out two million US dollars to that company to carry out the evaluation of the telecom giant’s assets and find an equity partner.


The MOU has been criticized on grounds that the process to select the consultant was not transparent.


But the Vice President said a new law that came into effect last month allows government to select single companies to carry out consultancies without a competitive bid, as long as the consultancy fees were below 1.3 million US dollars.


Siliya, however, signed the MOU in December 2008 and the consultancy amount is at two million US dollars.


The vice president criticized the privately owned media for “blowing” the whole ZAMTEL sale out of proportion based on “half-truths”.


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