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By ZamChro Correspondent,


Lusaka (Zambia) The Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) on Wednesday said it was disappointed at the turn around by President Rupiah Banda on the nationalization of the closed Luanshya Copper Mines (LCM).


MUZ president Rayford Mbulu told journalist on Wednesday that it was disappointing to hear of President Banda’s latest statement on the future of the company after the Zambian leader indicated more than a month that his government would nationalize LCM to employ over 1700 miners that had been left jobless with the closure of the mine.


LCM ceased operations at the end of last year, citing falling copper prices on world markets. It currently has a skeleton staff providing maintenance and care of the Baluba mine which LCM operated.


The former employees at the mine staged a protest about two days ago to press government to quickly take action over the future of the mine.


But President Banda, in responding to the petition by the former employees, stated that the re-opening of the mine were subject to negotiations with the owners of LCM, because government could not nationalize the mine.


The MUZ president said with this statement from President Banda, it meant that workers at the company could not expect a quick solution to their plight.


He said the president needed to be consisted in the statements he made about the mining sector because of the tension that had gripped the copper mining towns which, if poorly handled, could lead to unrest.


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