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Zambian Chronicle decided to award “The Best of Zambia”, the Business of the Year Award because we have been following their business for almost two years and have found them to have good ethical standards in their operations.


They also happen to be one of the few businesses that have always carried an upbeat positive representation of the Zambian Enterprise from their inception. They have great influence in the European Union markets but market Zambia like it is the only country in Africa worth visiting …


They have great public relations not only with their outside clientele but their first respondents who are their employees. Most business owners get into the thick of things and forget that their first level customers are actually their employees.


Not so with the “The Best of Zambia”. Their name tells it all but much more their name is not just a marketing gimmick, they are really the best of Zambia … Julia Brown and Team are really making Zambia proud …


In January this year Julia and I had a discussion in which I told her that her company was in the running for the prestigious “ZamChro Business of the Year Award” but the final results would be only be published in March and she was excited. Well, you guys did it!!!


As earlier discussed, you can now add that to your site(s). You can proudly display it there and say you won the 2009 Award, hopefully you can win again next year; you unreservedly deserve it, the steaks were high as usual but the cream always reaches the top … thanks a trillion.


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle 


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The Best of Zambia Newsletter
Issue 4 Feb 09

Why a February Newsletter in March

Many apologies for the lateness of this Newsletter. I have just arrived back in the UK after 2 months in Zambia, helping to set up the Lusaka office at 202 Alick Nkhata Road, Kabulonga and promoting our marketing services.

Travel Zambia - an independent bi-annual magazine

Travel Zambia - an independent bi-annual magazine

Julia Brown, Editor  Travel Zambia – an independent bi-annual magazine dedicated to creating a greater awareness of the diverse attractions in Zambia

In the latest edition, read about David Shepherd’s love of Zambia, why Virginia Mckenna keeps coming back, all about horseback safaris, mutinondo trails, the new wildlife art competition, and much much more! (I even find the adverts interesting…..)

If you don’t see it in the newsagents, email for your own copy, or subscribe online at

“Tourism can help Zambia” says
PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda said recently that the Government of Zambia has put tourism as a priority sector because it has the potential of mitigating the effects of the global economic meltdown, which has affected the country’s economy. The Government will continue facilitating growth in the tourism sectors.

HOT NEWS: EU signs first MDG Contract – with Zambia – worth €225 million
The European Commission has just committed €225 million to the Government of Zambia for a 6 year period (2009-2014) to support the country’s efforts to improve the efficiency of its poverty-focused public programmes and to accelerate progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Zambia is the first country to sign this form of enhanced general budget support called “MDG Contract” to highlight the contractual nature of this predictable, long-term financial commitment and its focus on MDG-related results, most notably in health and education.
FEATURE: Ngoma Zanga
Restaurant in Livingstone

A couple of weeks ago we had a wonderful meal at Ngoma Zanga – Jane Osborne’s restaurant in Livingstone.

I like this restaurant and have been a number of times before. Its menu is unashamedly traditional Zambian, and the service and decor are unashamedly African.

If you go between May and October you also get traditional dancers leaping around your table! Altogether it makes a great evening out. 

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