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By ZamChro Correspondent

President Rupiah Banda says the Zambian government is taking tough decisions to resuscitate the local economy.


He says some of the decisions may be unpopular now but the government will be vindicated, once positive results begin to manifest.


The President was speaking at state house in Lusaka on Thursday when he met World Bank Vice President for Africa region, Obiageli Ezekwesili, and her delegation.


Nigerian Born World Bank VP for Africa

Nigerian Born World Bank VP for Africa

Mr. Banda also said he had taken note of the various concerns from different groups that had interacted with Ms. Ezekwesili during her visit to Zambia.



And Mrs. Ezekwesili urged President Banda to accommodate the views of various interest groups in Zambia on ways to address the country’s economic challenges.


At the same function, World Bank country Representative, Kapil Kapoor said there is need for Zambia to reduce dependence on Copper by revitalizing the Agriculture sector.


President Banda later held a closed door meeting with the World Bank delegation.


Meanwhile police in Kitwe have impounded three trucks carrying drilling machines from Mindolo Mine on the Copperbelt.


The machines belonging to Mopani Copper Mines, MCM, were allegedly being transported to South Africa following the pending closure of the Mine.


According to police reports the machines were enroute to South Africa on the pretext that they were faulty and needed to be repaired.


And Copperbelt Minister, Mwansa Mbulakulima, says he had information that Mopani was demobilizing equipment and transferring it to South Africa.


Mr. Mbulakulima said on Wednesday that MCM must stop moving company property unless with permission from the Ministry of Mines.


He said government will not allow the company to redeploy before the future of the Mine is determined.


The Mindolo mine is facing closure due to falling copper prices.


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