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By ZamChro Correspondent

LUSAKA, May 2 (Xinhua) — Zambia has come up with a preliminary fact sheet on influenza A/H1N1 as it heightened measures against the disease which has claimed 12 lives in Mexico, Zambian Chronicle has learnt.


Ministry of Health Spokesperson Rueben Mbewe said in an interview with the paper in Lusaka on Friday that the information sheet was formulated to answer some of the basic questions about the disease.


According to the fact sheet influenza A/H1N1 is a respiratory disease caused by influenza viruses and outbreaks happen regularly in pigs, adding that it is possible for the novel flu virus to spread from one person to another.


On the medication, the fact sheet states that there are recommended drugs at health facilities that can be prescribed by medical officials.


The fact sheet has further stated that there was currently no vaccine to protect against the flu virus, adding that there were daily actions which can help prevent the spread of germs that causes respiratory illnesses like influenza.


Some of the actions are covering the nose and mouth with a tissue when one is coughing or sneezing, washing hands with soap, avoiding close contact and unnecessary contact with pigs.