By Human Being
Whether you are a mother or not. You should know you are a treasure to this world. Today I would like to take a moment and inspire my fellow mothers.
To all mothers from my heart to yours:
A mother is like a Button that keeps the button holes closed.
A mother is a treasure that every husband and every child need in his/her life.
A mother is like a big Rose flower that makes the surrounding beautiful.
A mother is like a Jack in a car’s tools box.
Mothers you are all Jewels of the world.
Mothers are not donkeys of the household.
Remember being mom does not mean you should let go yourself, looking like you are always going to work in the garden. Make the best out of yourself, a look that makes you smile when you look at yourself in the mirror. Seek help when you found yourself getting over loaded with motherhood responsiblities. Give yourself a ” me time ” in a day. And yes you are treasures to the world

You are all incredible in working tirelessly to mend those button holes. I join you as a mother in celebrating our day.
I am a mom of four too. Here is my pic with my four dumplins. Two boys and two girls.
In Zambia 041

Picture taken December 07 2008

If you are a husband, father or just a signifcant other of a mother, today is a day you should be running around making your woman feel beautiful, loved and supported.
Learn to compliment your woman, even if we look like finished brooms, please help us to get back on the road.

Thank you