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USADFUSADF Signs Seven Grants to Support Groups in Zambia:
Projects Designed to Improve Income Levels and Create Jobs
WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 3, 2009 – The United States African Development Foundation (USADF) signed seven grants designed to improve incomes and create jobs in Zambia.  The grants will benefit the Chibote Dairy Cooperative, Diocese of Mongu Development Care (DMDC), Foundation for Wildlife and Habitat Conservation (FWHC), Lua Lua Savings and Credit Cooperative Union (LSCCU), Makumbi Farmer Cooperative Society Limited (MFCSL), Mulondolwa Jatropha Industries (MJI), and Zambia National Federation of the Blind (ZANFB).
In speaking about the grants, USADF Chairman Dr. John Agwunobi stated “These grants are designed to provide funding to meet the core needs identified by these community groups in order to create jobs, expand social benefits, and improve the quality of life for grantees.”

Chibote Dairy Cooperative
Operating in Kalulushi District in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia, CCSL seeks to expand its dairy production by selling milk to the local market.  The 60 member cooperative currently produces and markets livestock and high value crops.  The eighteen month, $79,289 grant will support the Cooperative by developing its financial, operational, and administrative systems and by training staff in business practices, animal husbandry, and milk handling.  USADF will also fund the purchase of 10 cows, freezers, and milk handling equipment.  The grant is designed to increase incomes of members, improving members’ quality of life.

Diocese of Mongu Development Care
Located in the Mongu District, Western Province, DMDC is an enterprise engaged in rice marketing.  The enterprise purchases rice from small scale farmers, selling it at local markets to generate incomes for the farmers.  The $244,493, five year grant will help the grantee mobilize a sufficient crop purchase fund to facilitate rice purchases at a competitive price. USADF funds will finance working capital, purchase of tractor and ten transport trucks, and help increase processing and storage capacities. 

Foundation for Wildlife and Habitat Conservation
FWHC is an organization working to improve the rural livelihood of communities living along national park corridors, offering income generating activities that aim to reduce people’s dependence on hunting.  The $99,709, eighteen month grant will help the organization promote development projects and business entrepreneurship opportunities among 1,500 poor households.  USADF funds will be used to create a business and marketing plan, establish financial systems, procure training, support a crop purchasing fund, and create packaging and labeling materials.

Lua Lua Savings and Credit Cooperative Union
LSCCU is an organization operating in the Kasama District in the Northern Province of Zambia, 900 kilometers from the country’s capital.  Currently lacking management and operational capacities to properly manage its operations, the 68 member organization seeks to improve access to markets for their products and improve their capacity to do so.  The 18 month, $81,617 grant is designed empower the members economically by expanding honey production.  The USADF grant will finance improvements to production and marketing of honey, supporting management with staff and office space, developing a business plan, and creating a separate enterprise for bee keeping.
Makumbi Farmer Cooperative Society Limited
MFCSL is a cooperative of former miners interested in agricultural production, processing, and marketing activities.  With support recently cut from their parent organization, the cooperative is looking to restructure itself and become a profitable enterprise.  The twelve month, $91,196 grant will fund management and support services, consultancy services, and working capital to purchase dairy animals.

Mulondolwa Jatropha Industries
Operating in Chipalila Village in Mungwi District, MJI produces and sells soap, oil, and other products made from jathopa.  They lack the necessary resources to expand production and extend profitability. The eighteen month, $75,136 grant will help to develop and expand the enterprise to create more jobs, increase incomes for members, and raise the living standard of community members.  USADF funds will support a managerial team, finance the creation of a business plan, and support improved buying, processing, packing, and marketing of their products.

Zambia National Federation of the Blind
ZANFB is a federation of 5,000 members working to promote the education, training, employment, and entrepreneurship of blind people in Zambia through the production of door mats, clothes, jerseys, and fabric.  Without adequate institutional and business capacities, the group is unable to grow their income generating activities into sustainable business enterprises.  The eighteen month, $99,736 grant will transform the association’s activities into viable business enterprises, proving the blind with income an employment opportunities.  USADF funds will finance training, working capital, and office equipment.
USADF began programming in Zambia in 2003. Zambia’s current portfolio stands at 28 investment projects totaling nearly $4.5 million dollars. For more information about the portfolio, please visit the country’s quick source page at
The United States African Development Foundation (USADF) is a United States Government agency dedicated to expanding access to economic opportunity in Africa. Currently USADF operates in 20 African nations.  Over the past 25 years, USADF has funded nearly 1,500 projects representing in excess of $150 million in support of African enterprises and local African communities.  For more information on USADF, its programs and application guidelines, visit

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