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Welcome to the Zambian Chronicle. We are a private multi-media enterprise operating as This site is not about any single individual, it is about all of us … because “Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us – BRM”.


We decided to start the Zambian Chronicle as an online multi-media interactive entity for all of us. We believe that here on earth the strangest thing that ever happened to all of us was that we found ourselves here but much more we all seem to have some genealogy of some sort and we always want to identify ourselves with our roots to exemplify our identity as well as humanity.


As Zambians around the world, we want a place where we can relax, a place we can nostalgically come home to because we can easily identify ourselves with those around us. 


We want a place that truly reflects our real Zambian morals, values and virtues without any kind of stereotyping; we want a place that is a repertoire of ideas on how best we can intellectually contribute to national development without being second guessed.


We want a place where we would, like Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “… live well, love much and laugh often” to be no other than the Zambian Chronicle. That place is the new force to reckon with and we believe it is here and now, welcome aboard …



Zambian Chronicle is that place; it is your home at home and home away from home. Live Long & Prosper … thanks a trillion.

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Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle 


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28 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Cho Says:

    I would like to link your blog to mine…..
    let me know if you would be interested…

  2. brainsplus Says:

    … the pleasure will be mine, please go ahead. I feel that it is for a worthy cause because Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us … thanks a trillion

  3. Cho Says:

    presumably you will return the favour and link my blog as well?

  4. brainsplus Says:

    … as soon as you provide me with details about your blog, I will be more than happy to add it as a link to our honor roll, thanks a trillion

  5. brainsplus Says:

    … The New Zambia blog has since been added to our links’ directory as per your request … thanks a trillion

  6. Chris Says:


    I’d also be grateful if you would add a link to our site, Truly Zambian – please?! Thanks

  7. brainsplus Says:

    I would like to add you as soon as possible but I would like to know more about your site before I do that … I tried to register so I could access content and my username was brainsplus but for some reason I could not check your site content … thanks a trillion.


  8. Deanne Says:

    Hello, my name is Deanne. A group of families and I were recently in Zambia to adopt children. While in Zambia we made many friends who now feel like family to us. I was reading the post you had on adoptions in Zambia and thought I would comment to tell you how much we truly love the country of Zambia and all the wonderful people there. I love that international adoptions are taking place because it creates a global community. The children we adopt will be our sons and daughters which are a part of Zambia, making all the people of Zambia part of our family also. We visited many markets while in country and were amazed at the talents of the local people. The craftsmanship was amazing. The women who have their own tent had so many beautiful items and are not receiving near what their items are worth. Families who are adopting from Zambia are working on creating a web site for the women’s crafts so that they can be sold for what they are really worth and to help these women gain the profit they deserve from their goods. We are not sure exactly how we are going to help but it is a work in progress. There are many families that would love to be involved in helping the people of Zambia. If you have any idea of the needs of the people please let us know so that we can continue the work of God that is in our hearts.

  9. brainsplus Says:

    … we are honored that you were able to find important resource information from our web site here at the Zambian Chronicle.

    We are also encouraged to hear that your group would like to find equity for the mechandise sold by women in the Zambian Enterprise.

    Please let us know how we can help you reach your goals … thanks a trillion

  10. Hello,
    I like this blog i have just being reading what u have. A a young people i feel i should be part and parcel of the people who what to see Zambia develop to the highest levels through information sharing. Keep up the spirit…my blog is…. Big Up


  11. brainsplus Says:

    … thanks a trillion

  12. Pimbilimano Says:

    Greetings BRM!

    Now I can put a face to the name.

    As Chanda Mulenga says, “Akalonga ubunono bunda bwa mukuku.”

    I will make this my next watering hole.

    Forward with brainsplaus.

  13. brainsplus Says:

    Ba Pimbi,
    … ala mwaiseni mukwai kanabeesa, uyo mulumendo Chanda Mulenga eyibilefye amalumbo yandi. Ni pragiarist umubi sana.

    Nine laleteleko ukusosa aya malumbo naleloline ndebwekeshapo, nine Mumba nshishi nshishi – shafula shakuikobaika, kalonga kanono bunda bwa mukuku.

    … welcome aboard “Great One” … make it your watering hole at your pleasure … thanks a trillion

  14. I just noticed this web site. I felt like I need to communicate something to my Zambian people.Its time for me to help my people. I am A Zambian who currently reside in USA.I read everyday ‘s Zambian News and I am always in tears. I owe my Zambian people help, especially kids that grew up like my self. I am not talking about children of ministers and diplomats, that has way to study abroad, I am talking about a common child like me who came from nothing. Who has lost half members of family with HIV AIDS, who went to schools with poor education system. They are many ME out there, that need my help.

    ….and may benefit from my story, and get motivated not to lose hope in life. MY DREAM IS:
    I am working on opening a career and talent center in Zambia that will help under prevailaged future Zambian leadears and talented Kids to be able to compete in the global world. I think with my education, exposure and exprience, I can bring change to Zambia.Just to let you know, I am a marathon runner and at age 45 I am still running marathons in USA.Something that my country does not recognizes, especially women of my age.I may be the first marathon runner in my age group. I have featured in most of the Newyork road runner, and I am always reported as Kenyan, since Zambia shows no interest or support at all. I am always correcting them, that I am a Zambian and not Kenyan. They say they have never head a Zambian marathon runner. Proudly I say you have one. Every year I ran the famous New york City marathons, and I have come out 3rd place in the ultra marathons. Something I never knew I could do when I was in Zambia.I have ran more than 25 marathons and ultra marathons. If I can help raise funds here, why can’t help my own people.

    I pushed my self into education through struggles,went to Montclair State university in USA, to do Master IN Business. I was on top list of the Deans list of high scholars. Today I am a Technology Budget Manager at Seton Hall University, and also a Board Member with Career Vision Ambassadors INC a non profit org that motivates and helps youth to achieve their dreams in education.
    Here is my story, I hope every child who has lost hope can read this and know that if one door closes, do not loose hope, keep dreaming, sometimes dreams come true. And they only come true when you keep seeking, through hard work, no matter what conditions.
    I come from a poor back ground, started school in the village, learnt writing my name is the dirt.Lost half members of my family with AIDS, orphaned. Struggles in life helps you to think and move forward to find a better life.That is why most Northen African from countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Congo, are well travelled and have most of them settled in USA,and well established.What is sad, is after i migrated to USA I realized how Zambians are used as ladders, and that is why we are now stack with AIDS.We are good people, opens doors for every one, marries our daughters to anyone who flashes money in our face. This are some of the things I said NO NO NO NO to.I kept my pride of being a dignified woman with morals, and I am still the same way even in the foreign land.
    I have never let any one in my life hinder my vision and dreams. I have worked my self up. Struggles in life taught me to be strong and work even harder. Zambia is one country that has smart people. We have talents, but we do not know how to bring them out.As a woman who came from nothing,never even knew I had so many talents in me up until I came to America.
    I knew I was smart because I never failed my exams from grade 1. I was always in the top 3, even if I went bare footed to school, walked 10 miles back and forth, no food. I still passed my exams.At 19 I was forced to get married straight from high school, just like most girls and women in Zambia rush into marriage at 19 as a tradition.And ended up with four children in marriage that did not last. I did my post secondary school at Copperbelt University Evening classes, until I completed my booking and Accounts course.I got a Job with former ZCCM, went to Chingola School of accountancy, and completed AAT. I then Pursued ACCA, and completed.
    My TURNING POINT- Why I migrated
    Unfortuantely, my marriage, did not last, as my ex decided to become a polygamist after getting influenced by his Senegalese friends that migrated to Zambia for Emaralds mines.I divorced,because I said NO TO POLYGAMY, especially with AIDS wiping the nation. Because of that, I lost everything I had in marriage including custody of my children.
    After losing my marriage , half member of my family with Aids and other causes, I had to step up. I left Zambia un announced not knowing where I was going. Started appliying to all universities in the world, and that is how I found myself in America. Two universities had accepted me.Agony is I did not even had money to buy an air ticket. So I sold all my clothes. But I did not sell my house.Everything I did, was through books and internet search.Luckly ZCCM exposed its employees to technology.And I managed to put myself in school.
    In the USA I am now married to a wonderful man, I have bought a house bigger than the one I lost in marriage, and I am a Manager at Seton Hall University.

    Everyday my heart is torn when I see the direction of my country. I am trying to find a way, I can help my fellow poor Zambians ( Children), by provinding them education that will unable them compete in a global society. We have a big challenge to face. Living in the US for a long time, I have a lot of education.

    Lets stand up and fight the deadly desease that has wiped our nation, due to our good hearts. We open doors for every one, and now we are all paying a price. Together we can fight this- Education is a key.We need Doctors, Nurses, medication, good hospitals.
    How are we going to do this. I am calling My fellow Zambians who have resources and contacts. Let us rescue our nation before it goes to sleep.I am ready. We need fresh ideas, we need to advertise our country in a positive way. E-mail me: with ideas. I am ready to take off. Those who want to join me please. I will be running a more marathon in April 2008.And this time I would like to ran for my country Zambia, to help fight the deadly desease. I need you guys to come up with ideas, how I can make Zambia known, just like other African countries. That is why they get help so quickly.

  15. brainsplus Says:

    what an inspiring story … thanks a trillion

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks brainsplus. I did not even know my comment will come through.
    Now I can talk more.
    The sad news,is Zambia is one of the country that has been black listed to let kids come and study in the USA, Because of AIDS, Americans think we are a deseased country. I have four of my children in Zambia. Two of them were accepted on scholarship to seton hall University, due to their credentials and essays they wrote.Agatha was coming to study Bio-chemestry to become a doctor and Fred was coming to study Mechanical Engineering. US Embassy denied their F-1(student visas). Sadly, our zambian system gets rid of all qualified zambian personel, and that is why we are all out.The other thing is we are not as united as our friends in other countries. We like to bring each other down.
    Running away will not help, we can build Zambia again.If we can only present our country in a positive way.We have a lot to offer in this world.We are strong, we are smart and we are survivors. We waste time talking about how the past presidents acquired 200 pairs of shoes and fridge etc.while the nation is sinking with AIDs.The world think we are petty.
    Address important issues to the world.Not a minister who stole a car, a past president who got 2 cars or shoes. Most Americans are so afraid thinking we are just a nation of thieves and Deseased. Please I ask my fellow Zambians, if you want us to progress, Present your country in a positive way that can attract more investiment.

    Thanks so much for letting me pour out my heart.

  17. brainsplus Says:

    … you are welcome, we at the Zambian Chronicle can distinguish genuine bloggers from imposters. You are welcome to continue blogging here … thanks a trillion

  18. Kabwe Says:

    this site has been a great inspiration when it comes to excellence … it is hard to find a Zambian site with such high standards. many of us don’t just write stuff here not because we don’t enjoy it but because mostly the content is so accurate you just want to enjoy reading it, thanks brainsplus

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Brainplus.
    I am very proud of you. Keep it up. By the way I liked your Politics Tab.the way you got the clips of the running presidents.I hope our politians can read and watch, so they learn how to deal with some issues related to our country.Let me know if you need any latest world information. I will show your web to my husband, he is very directly involved in politics. He was the press secretary to one of the Senators here. Add sport to your link, then you can link all Zambians involved in different type sports, like mysef. I can promote running in Zambia,running is a big deal in USA, I am willing to coach my Zambians at no cost.Did you know that every blood type has its own type of food that agrees with the blood. Why do you think Americans live longer. Type “O,A,B,-b blood. It is the same basic food we eat in Zambia, but we do not only know what agrees with our blood type, that reduces our immunity.If you need more information, I will be happy to share.For now take care and keep up the hard work-from USA

  20. brainsplus Says:

    … your words are kind … thanks a trillion.

    … your compliments about politics are well taken. As for sports, we initially intended the lifestyle tab to carter for that. So you can link all your enthusiasts to that tab but if that is not enough, let me know and we will make something up for you.

    Concerning your husband, he is welcome to share as much info as he deems helpful to the rest of the world. If you are interested in becoming a moderator yourself here at the Zambian Chronicle, do not hesitate to let me know and I would let you know how we can help you coach fellow nationals as you want.

    The information you shared about blood types is intriguing, I am just hearing about that for the first time today and so you can image how many others out there would benefit from such insights … thanks a trillion

  21. Hey fellow Zambians: Here is something for you:
    1. Did you know that Eating SEEDS is good for BRAIN HEALTH: ( says DR Larry McCleary):- Flaz- seeds,Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds all contain high levels of polyunsaturated oils, as well as protein, Vitamins and minereals- including magnesium, which is especially important for brain health. Add them to salads if you can not eat them. I am sure you have pumpkin and sun flower seeds in Zambia.

    2. Did you know that FLU can lead to heart attack? Warns Dr Mohammad Majid.
    In People with Flu, white blood cells release enzymes that fight the illness- but these Enzymes also can inflame and damage coronary arteries.
    Prevention: If you are at higher than normal risk for heart desease, get a flu shot every year.( Mohammad Madjid, MD, is senior reseach scientist at Texas Heart Institute, Houston Texas and leader of analysis of eight years of autopsy records, this was reported in texas Heart Institute Journal.

  22. Oops- sorry Brainsplus the above comment was meant for lifestyle.More to come.

  23. brainsplus Says:

    Zambian in USA,
    … perfectly normal, you will get used with time … thanks a trillion

  24. dom Says:

    Please visit my site and leave me a Zambian flag for my Neo Counter, Thanks a bazillion!

  25. bibomedia Says:



    May someone kindly explain the Credit crunch to me?! I just don’t understand this whole world finincial crisis. HOW???!!!


  27. Precious Says:

    Hey Brainsplus,will you help me with the Email address for First National Bank Zambia.

  28. i was starting to reckon i would possibly be the only gentleman who cared about this, at least at present i comprehend im not insane 🙂 i’ll make sure to examine a couple of additional articles immediately after i get a bit of caffeine in me, it is really problematic to read without my coffee, I was unbelivably late last night enjoying facebook poker and after downing a few brewskies i ended up getting rid of all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

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