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By Belliah K Theise

This week ‘s men topic is on Potbelly. How do you like your gut? Some women like men with guts and some do not. The  question to ask yourself other than attraction is, Do you feel health with your big potbelly?   

Anatomy of a Potbelly

There are two kinds of potbellies, soft ones and hard ones. Which kind you have may make all all the difference in how long, and how well, you are going to live.” Says Adam Campbell. No one likes abdominal fat, but you will hate it even more now that you know its trying to kill you. He adds.

Scientists have concluded that the rounder and harder your belly, the more it puts your health in danger. It is important to understand that fat-any fat, subcutaneous or visceral – isn’t just lifeless tissue whose only duty is to make you cringe at the idea of taking your shirt off in public. “Fat is an endocrine organ that secretes numerous substances, collectively called ‘adipokines,’ many of which are harmful.” Says Robert Ross PhD an exercise physiologist at Queen’s University in Canada. 

Best Life

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