6 Responses to “All Classifieds”

  1. Richard Minnaar Says:

    Were looking for representatives in Zambia to sell a newly developed traditional beer powder.

    The beer powder is packed in 750g packets, the consumer mixes the powder with 5 litres of water and lets it stand for 48 hours for the brewing to take place.

    A 750g packet costs K4000.00 or K800.00 per litre for the finished product.

    Contact Anthony on 0966 433 070 or Zubair on 211 240 107/8

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  3. Kazim Saleem Says:

    We are in Used/New car export business since 1996 and exporting 5000 + units every month. Our integrated business of used cars and forwarding, our own software and highly skilled HR enables fast delivery of high standard vehicles at economical price.
    Visit our website to see vehicles available in stock or contact us via email on, Phone: +81 42 236 1555, Fax: +81 42-236 1565

  4. We are looking for an agent in Zambia to market our car dealership in Zambia. We export new and used cars of all types. We have 5,000 stock. We are looking for someone experienced in the auto industry who knows how to make deals. Pay will be on a commission basis between 50 and 100 US dollars per successful sale made. Please contact us by email: or TEL: 81-6-6532-1188. We are based in Osaka Japan. There will be the opportunity to eventually move to Japan for the right person where we will sponsor your visa and find your apartment.

    1. Humanbeing Says:

      Contact Koni Agencies Ltd. 260-955-909444

  5. maria Says:

    Please let people know about this , if you really want to help them. THANK YOU !!!!!

    Hallo !

    How are you today ? I’m Maria .I’m one of so may whose husband has lost his job of 20 years a few months ago , I struggled. Are you in the same boat, or friends or relatives you know of , you are struggling . Maybe youre a real estater , a florist , a car part seller or any business , it’s just a struggle. Financially it’s just so hard for bassically everybody and all businesses.


    Can you press on this site ,please ?

    THANK YOU !!!

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