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People who are drawn to activities proscribed by both side brain preferences demonstrably show left and right brain coordination allowing brthem to be both logical and intuitive rather than one or the other thereby proving to be ambidextrous. 


Ever been one of those guys who loved big words? They seemed to captivate me a lot. There was just something that seemed to draw me to them. In grade school I did not have a chance to attend any spelling contests. 


I actually wished that chance could come along some day because I was really into studying words their origins and stuff but my extra-curricula school activities did not involve them. I only watched most spelling contests from British kind of grammar school movies. 


The most fascinating fact was that most kids who won these contests had creative reasoning qualities that allowed them to use big words in sentences using etymological roots like French, German, Latin, Scandinavian, etc while espousing both logic and intuition. Some of these kids were actually very young and impressed me immensely. 


Glowingly, business school was different it was more about connecting and breaking down things using the simplest of terms. I remember one of my professors telling me that we are in college to learn the hard stuff; we endeavor to understand their intricacies but try to explain them to regular Joe at his level using a layman’s terms. 


This professor’s philosophy was predicated upon what he called the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), but was at the very least consoled when he said that sometimes you just can’t find a simpler word so you have to use a big one instead but always make it point you explain what the big word means. 


Well, in today’s memo we have one big word, ambidexterity; in our first memo for 2009 as a Year of Great Accomplishment, ambidexterity is at the center of the topic. It is the ability to use both of one’s hands with equal ease or facility, but if one is armless, it could even be one’s feet.  


The word “Ambidexterity” is no hard to pronounce even. Remember “Ambi”, bana mayo pa Zed akale balei Jaribula na ambi, then you had that guy “Dexter” from the TV Series Dynasty; just add “ity” as in unity from “standa aa singo o Zambia proud and free, lando wak n joy in unity – national anthem” and you have ambi-dexter-ity, ambidexterity, voila …

The Greek were actually the first to discover the advantageous importance using both limbs with equal facility in certain sports and martial arts thus were the first to promote ambidexterity because it was simply logical in sports and battle to be adept with both hands instead of one.They invented Phoenician style of writing from right to left with their own left to right system, including a reading and writing system called boustrophedon. In this system lines ran alternately right-to-left and left-to-right. It made reading more quick and proficient due to alternating sweeps of the eyes in a back and forth motion. 


Left brained people are said to be practical, conformist, systematic, comprehend faster, etc. – they are purported to be more logical, rational and analytical. On the other hand, right brained qualities are creativity, imagination, curiosity, spontaneity, open-mindedness and enthusiasm, risk taking, artistic abilities, highly philosophical, etc – they are seen as being subjective, having wider perception and strong intuition.


Refuse to be stratified only as left or right brained. You need both attributes of a logician and those of intuition because you are a unique gift to the entire world so train yourself to switch your thought process likewise. Life’s races are won by the swift and well-trained, that might as well be you …


We are ambidextrous if we can master the ability to organize ourselves between the left-brained and right-brained tasks. 

When we can multi-task using both hemispheres of our intellect in our daily activities thus achieving a heightened level of awareness, we are said to be ambidextrous or loosely whole-brain trained.   


br1I don’t know about you, but I think I would rather be both left and right brained or to use another common term whole-brain trained. I simply love being both logical and intuitive. Especially the way thing are being run in the world today, one can not simply operate on one side alone. 


To achieve great accomplishments in 2009, one needs to trust but verify, one needs to be open-minded but intensify one’s curiosity, one needs to be enthusiastic but also rationally analytical, one needs to be philosophical but also creative and on and on and on … 


There are too many social apparatus akin to Darwinism going on in the world right now; one needs not let one’s guard down to be successful. Life is a serious enterprise that requires a heightened level of one’s awareness and a correct understanding of one’s environment. 


Some renowned ambidextrous persons were Michelangelo, Leonardo Vinci, Albert Einstein, Alexander Fleming, and Harry Truman. Those who will choose otherwise will just be making excuses while the ambidextrous will be making tones of money in 2009. 


One of the greatest attributes of a down economy is that wealth created during the burst spells actually tends to be life-long as opposed to wealth created during the boom ones. There are outliers and aberrations to this but the premise usually holds true. 


Going back to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), ambidexterity will require that one keeps one’s day job but also find other means of survival in addition to keep going.  These are desperate times my friends …  


In the simplest of terms, it would require the rolling up of one’s sleeves so to speak. Being able to do a white collar job during the day and a blue collar job at night and or vice versa. Desperate times call for desperate measures …  


Being able to buy salad from the grocery store but grow your own tomatoes in the back yard for a change. Being able to have Kantemba (trading post) of any sort on the side as you moonlight on the other. 


You might need to move things and individuals around for synergy purposes in your enterprise, you might need to change your pricing strategy for your product, increase revenue by reducing price but making it up in volume, things like that … think outside the box – ambidexterity.


Every one will be expected to be ambidextrous, individuals, corporations and government are already positioning themselves for that and the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise are no different. 


At the Zambian Chronicle, we wish that all of you would thrive and grow making 2009 the year to remember as being the greatest year of your lives.


Your brain is a terrific and dynamic thing; it is too wonderful to waste, let alone be under-utilized. Make the most of it because you only have one life to live …


Live Long & Prosper; that’s the first memo and wish of the year from us-wards to yours … thanks a trillion. 


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO  & President – Zambian Chronicle  

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