Just how can the North Koreans teach our U-20 Chipolopolo Boys umupila? But that’s what we are being told they br-01-2.jpgwill offer expertise in. The North Koreans are nowhere in Canada where the best of the best have just advanced to the semi-finals and they will come to Zambia to offer technical expertise in “sports” we are told. Zambia beat Uruguay by 2 to nothing having drawn with Jordan earlier.


Our lads are doing just fine and thanks for asking but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it; so do the Texans say and I don’t think we need our cheer leaders from somewhere else because our Chipolopolo fans did a fabulous job both in Vancouver and Toronto.

What we need is to shun these North Koreans at all costs and our good top diplomat Honorable Lupudo Mwape can just tell them that we ain’t looking for new friends we are doing just fine with the ones we got …

We would hate to wake up some day and the world has been embroidered in a nuclear holocaust with North Korea at the helm using Zambian uranium … thanks a trillion

Brainwave R Mumba, Sr. 

CEO & President – Zambian Chronicle 

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