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The Zambian Enterprise is among the world’s premier emerging market sports synonymous to what Russob-am685_zambia_20070709110654.jpgia was 10 years ago; but it is the only sport in the Sub-Saharan region.

The Lusaka Stock Exchange rose by an amazing 82% in the last 12 months and the mortgage business is taking shape with 15 year mortgages available to qualified buyers. 

Other sports are Nigeria in West Africa and Pakistan in the Middle East. For Nigeria in terms of population, natural resources and amount of privatization that is slated to occur, among other things their index is up 108% in the last one year. Their government (Nigerian) has over $64 billion dollars in reserves while Zambia’s currently stands at $183 million dollars. 

ob-am679_zambia_20070709110332.jpgPakistan on the other hand their K100 was only up 52% and trailed way behind Zambia’s and is relatively insulated against any major global market moves, either up or down, just because there is still not a lot of foreign money there. 

(while it took the man and son in this picture 10 years to build his house, it only takes months with Lilayi Project)

Therefore, Zambia remains the most favorable destination and its economy is likely to triple in the next five (5) years. With the above in mind coupled with the emerging middle class whose net worth is likely to increase due to their equity in real estate holdings, secondary derivatives are likely to spur the economy for at least 15 years in a row. 

New home buyers today are likely going to mine gold just like what happened to California during the boom. Homes that are being bought for say $X will soon be valued at over $3X should the economy triple.  


ob-am687_zambia_20070709110751.jpgSalesman Humphrey Kapapula goes over Lilayi floor plans with customer Miyoba Lubemba. The sales office is a one-stop shop. Buyers can pick out their homes, apply for a 15-year mortgage and get the title to their property all in a single building.

Government royalties which were at 0.6% will more than quadruple should government reach tentative agreements with mining companies to peg them at 3.0% thereby exponentially increasing our reserves.  

With already $30.00 million dollars set aside by government for infra-structural development, unemployment will soon be on a decline. 

br-01-2.jpgOverall, Zambia’s outlook has never been better; the only problem is that our market is such a small one in terms of consumerism but the Japanese realized that too earlier on and turned theirs into an export economy. Zambians abroad need to seriously start looking at their stake in this pie … thanks a trillion.


Brainwave R Mumba, Sr. 

CEO & President – Zambian Chronicle 

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