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The Zambian president (HE Levy P Mwanawasa, SC.) has finally clinched a deal with Malaysian authorities for the establishment of an economic zone in Lusaka East.

The multi-facility center will be fashioned after the famous Kulim Hi-Technology Park (KHTP) found around the Kedah Region, in the north-west Malaysian Peninsular. 

When fully implemented this economic zone will be an integrated science park targeting technology-related industries primarily in the fields of advanced electronics, mechanical electronics, telecommunications, semiconductors, optoelectronics, biotechnology, advanced materials, research and development and emerging technologies. 

It will incorporate functional areas ranging from industrial, research & development facilities, amenities, medical and educational institutions to recreational facilities in possibly 6 dedicated zones covering the Park. We have managed to provide a visual of such a prospect here below … thanks a trillion.

Brainwave R Mumba, Sr. 

CEO & President – Zambian Chronicle 

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Industrial Zone
Phase 1 covers an area of 250 hectares and comprises 31 industrial lots, which also features Research & Development (R & D), administrative and other supporting facilities. Phase 2 covers an area of 226 hectares and comprises 14 industrial lots.
Amenity/Recreational Zone
The facilities available:
27-hole championship golf course designed by JMP Golf Design group from the US
Club house
3 blocks of apartments
823 units of bungalow lots
The amenities include a Nature Park accounting 25% of the Hi-Tech Park.
Residential/Commercial Zone
The development of a RM600 million satellite township spanning 298 hectares is in progress and will consist of:
Different categories of houses
Shop houses
Office lots
Commercial buildings
Shopping centres
Research & Development (R&D) and Training Zone
R&D is an integral and very important feature of high-technology park and is carried out by private companies, public R&D organisations as well as universities located within the high-technology park.
In recognition of this, the KHTP has therefore incorporated an R&D component as part of the overall development.
Urban Zone
The urban zone comprises the town centre, the sub-centre and the neighbourhood centre. Being the main commercial centre, the town centre is allocated adjacent to the cross-junction leading to the East-West Expressway.
Institutional Zone
This zone comprises public facilities and institutional reserves. The fire and rescue department as well as the Kulim Hospital is already operational.