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There are several reasons we are calling for an end to Africa’s Longest Presidential Trial Now A Soap Opera … but we will try and excogitate on only a few for the time being. 

Going by our track record, every level-headed Zambian knows that we at the Zambian Chronicle don’t support any kind of nonsense, corrupt and otherwise that is a direct derivative of the former president’s behavior. 

Having said the above, we believe that every sane one of us will use intellectual honesty as a guiding principle as we deliberate on the following important matter.

We also understand that the matter is currently in the courts of law, therefore our deductive and inductive analyses will be limited to matters that may not be prejudicial in nature. 

As our video clip in Africa’s Longest Presidential Trial Now A Soap Opera … reveals, the prosecutor seems to be taunting evidence of customized shoes and telling the world that they are very expensive. 

Well, if those FTJ shoes are really expensive in the eyes of the prosecutor, then he has not seen anything really expensive yet. Our estimates are that those shoes probably cost close to $200.00 each and what is that for head of state.

We would like to believe that the Pope wears bullet-proof shoes paid for by the Vatican … image the cost!!

We are made to believe that government coffers were used to purchase small boat(s), if those boats on the video are auctioned at eBay, I guarantee you they wouldn’t even fetch a couple of thousand dollars … try it if you want! 

Tom Perkins’s yacht for example is estimated at $150,000,000 … and yes the zeroes are right; millions of dollars and you bring a simple boat that is worth nothing as an exhibit for a former head of state.

Watch Real Yachts In Action Above Not Simple Boats As Exhibits

Even the Mercedes Benz ML 350 shown does not cost over $50,000.00 brand new while the other vehicles in the clip can be imported from Dubai with a couple of thousands of dollars each.  

Give us a break, why is it that all the real estate in Europe since been recovered does not appear in the exhibits? Is it because those where in the Como part of the villas as opposed to the Colleyville side of human excellence and style? 

What we see in this is nothing but the lowest level of witch hunting and an explicit desire to exaggerate matters based on a high level of poverty. Poverty that has no understanding of real wealth and tritely no essence of comparison on a global scale. 

We have become a laughing stock of others who understand true wealth, the world shakes its head when it sees those small boats as exhibits and all perpetrators of this trial are seen as individuals that are self-interested in the crux of the matter. 

As long as the trial continues, the perpetrators will continue to draw a salary plundering the merger resources the Zambian Enterprise has. A question then arises as to who the true plunderers are and or might become.

We would like to believe that there are several avenues of entertainment value available to the general populace and this soap opera  that has lasted over seven years now is certainly not one of them.  

Those who would like to continue this saga so they can keeping feeding on it or those who actually are purported to have been stolen from the enterprise to purchase thousand dollars boats, custom make shoes and import used cars … 

We have said it before and we will say it again. If the man is guilty, please do us all a favor and lock him up as of yesterday. And if the man is not, end this nonsense … it certainly does not take seven years to figure that out unless of course somebody has nothing else to do should this be brought to an end. 

We appeal to all the powers that be to close this chapter for the Zambian Enterprise once and for all and don’t any body tell us it can’t be done in the first half of this year because it can. All it requires is a classy-daddy-3.gifphone call from somebody and or pressure from within, let alone without … 

It is costing us more perpetrating this trial not only in treasure and dignity but also in terms of the opportunity cost; and that’s this week’s memo from us at the Zambian Chronicle … thanks a trillion.

Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO & President – Zambian Chronicle

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Auditor General Anna ChifungulaBy Times Reporter


THE Office of the Auditor General’s report of 2005 has revealed unexplained balances of more than K1.9 trillion between Bank of Zambia (BoZ) and the ministry of Finance and National Planning headquarters.

Auditor General, Annie Chifungula, disclosed in Solwezi during a tour of North-Western Province that K1, 976,080,583,818 was not tallying between BoZ and the ministry of Finance.  She said this on Wednesday when her delegation met provincial heads of Government departments.

She told departmental heads that her delegation was not in the province to find faults, but to help resolve issues before they reached the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament. “You are the key persons as you initiate payments before controlling officers come in.

Let us resolve issues before they reach Public Accounts Committee, which has been very active this year,” she said. Ms Chifungula said her tour of provinces was also to learn from the officers because some questions from the Public Accounts Committee sometimes seemed embarrassing as issues that should have been resolved were left unanswered.

In agreeing with a call for the strengthening of the internal audits in Government departments in North-Western Province, Ms Chifungula said it was a pity that while there were no shortages of auditors in Lusaka, other regions were understaffed.She bemoaned how some auditors when transferred from Lusaka resigned to join private companies. 

Ms Chifungula suggested that recruitment of staff should be localised. When North-Western Provincial director of health, George Liabwa, asked if time management was also audited, to which Ms Chifungula answered that time was considered during performance audits.

When asked how late banking should be dealt with, the Auditor General said it was unacceptable for some officers to take as long as four months to bank State funds. “There is no such place where it takes four months to get to a bank,” she said. Provincial Permanent Secretary, Richard Salivaji, appealed to the heads of department to follow guidelines in the release of funds, saying the Government ran on systems.