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President elect  Barack Obama picks Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  Priceless
Great minds, are never Insecure. Barack  surrounds himself with big brains. The entire cabinet is a combination of brain powers.                                                                                                                                              


Baracky 3!

This would have not been possible if there was no freedom of speech. Americans were given the power to elect and vet their leaders.

Each and every candidate’s laundry basket was visited by every American with the help of media and bloggers, without fear that they will be arrested.

In the end America elected the candidate they thought sold more to them,

and yes supporters created all this without fear: Videos like one below shows freedom of speech

I wonder if we do have that kind of freedom of speech in Zambia to be able to vet our leaders before they get elected.

Just looking at the polls tells a lot. Freedom of speech and the process in place in vetting our leaders should be implemented.


Can you imagine if one of us created Videos that smacked our candidates left, right and center? Guess what would have happened ? Arrested, and possibly jailed for visiting the incoming leader’ s laundry baskets.

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