story.bush.ap.jpgUS First Lady Laura Bush is coming to Zambia … she is probably the first lady for a sitting president to visit Zambia and this is great news for the Zambian Enterprise. The reason it is great news is because every time such a high profile figure close to the American presidency visits a nation for whatever reasons, the world tends to look, see and or want to take notice.

This is great development and we at the Zambian Chronicle want to wish the First Lady a beautiful stay and hope she gets to enjoy all that our enterprise has to offer, welcome aboard Madame First Lady and we wish you God’s speed … thanks a trillion. 

While great stride were made in the mining sector for the economic benefit of the entire nation, great bloopers were also made when it comes to protecting the environment. Pollutants and other poisonous chemicals have serious repercussions on our locals … 

Huge environmental hazards still exist and need immediate attention otherwise; many of our people in the next generations to come will have serious birth defects similar to those experienced in Japan after Hiroshima and Nagasaki …  

As Shapi Shacinda reported in the recent article to Reuters … “Up to 5,000 people have been affected by poisoning and the lives of about 60,000 children and adults are at risk, government officials say. Levels of lead poisoning above 120 micrograms per deciliter can kill.” 

It therefore behooves all of us to be proactive and help mitigate the circumstances for the benefit of future generations to come – government involvement not withstanding … thanks a trillion