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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am glad to inform our audience and patrons that we have finally broken the supersonic speed of language barriers here at the Zambian Chronicle. You can now read your favorite blog in seven (7) different languages from around the world. 

It is believed that every single human being alive who is literate enough to both read and excogitate can understand one of these languages or at least a dialect of the same. We were prompted to add this feature due to increased traffic and the kind of inquires were receiving from those who have visited our site. Our blog stat info was outstanding … 

For instance, when we posted the Zambia Leads The World – Least Expensive/Fastest Adoption Programs article, we received referrals from all over the world as people were interested in knowing and learning about Adoption Programs the Zambian Enterprise offered. When we posted Just Who Is Carlos Slim – The World’s Richest Man? we received inquires from all over the world, I guess people of all faiths, languages, economic status, styles and backgrounds were interested in knowing who the new kid on the block was.

We don’t receive many comments but on that day a Spanish commentator left one in Spanish. A Weekend With Bill Clinton just brought in even more inquires and so did Hidden Secrets Of Lumwana – World’s Largest Undeveloped Deposits (Copper, Gold, Cobalt & Uranium) and then we had visitors going back A Crush On Obama … America Votes’08 to the day we had the largest number of hits exceeding hundreds of readership was when we posted Best Ever US Ambassador To Zambia – Carmen M Martinez . 

Of course that record (Ambassador Martinez) was broken today when we first published the translated French Version of the Zambian Chronicle; we are very sensitive to the needs of our audience therefore the decision to add more versions.  

We, at the Zambian Chronicle are committed to serving the entire world in letting every one know about the good tidings concerning our country. We are also committed to changing and helping shape the world view of the Zambian Enterprise and what better ways to do that than using our abilities coupled with synergies technology has to offer, welcome aboard … thanks a trillion.

Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.

CEO & President – Zambian Chronicle

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